Alphacast Friday Update - September 3rd

Hi friends! This was an exciting week with lots of updates on multiple fronts. As we remain focused on our upcoming Marketplace release, we also have other news to share:

Webinars: It's a wrap!

We are super grateful for the community response we had with our first Webinars series. We had almost 400 people registered to the series, and all videos are available for on-demand view. We want to thank our dev-economists rockstars Lionel, Juani, and Macarena for pushing an extra mile to deliver these series:

Webinar #1:

  • Datasets, Charts, transformations and Dashboards.

Webinar #2 :

  • Integrating Alphacast with R.

Webinar #3:

  • Integrating Alphacast with Python.

Webinar #4:

  • Data Scrapping, transforming data with Alphacast API & Power BI Integration

New Profile Views

As we keep working to roll out the Alphacast Marketplace, we have updated users' and teams' profile views to highlight our partners' branding.


You can now invite colleagues to your repositories by exchanging invite links. If its a new user, the person will be invited to create an account, and will then be granted access to the repository:


New API Coming Up next week

Some of our Marketplace partners had specific requirements on the data they are planning to pour into Alphacast, so we made a complete rearchitecture of our data platform, and updated our APIs. As we mentioned last week, you will be able to handle Datasets with multiple entities / dimensions, and the API will now allow to search for data: selecting specific variables, filter specific dates, or select a specific value (i.e: give me all data corresponding to a given country)

New Datasets


Activity - Argentina - Secretaria de Energia – Asphalt

Activity - Argentina - MAGyP - Poultry Production - Eggs

Activity - Argentina - INDEC - Public Services Index

Activity - Argentina - INDEC - Agricultural Machinery

Financial - Argentina - BCRA - Reference Exchange Rate - Com. A3500 - Monthly Average


BOP - Uruguay - BCU - Assets and Net Debt of the Global Public Sector

Prices - Uruguay - CINVE - Inflation Expectations

Activity - Uruguay - ACAU - Vehicles Sales

Activity - Uruguay - INE - Activity, Employment & Unemployment

Activity - Uruguay - BCU - Gross Domestic Product - Expenditure - Quarterly

Activity - Uruguay - CIU - Business Expectations

Inflation - Uruguay - BCU - Inflation Expectations

Monetary - Uruguay - BEVSA – ITLUP

Monetary - Uruguay - BEVSA – CUD

Monetary - Uruguay - BEVSA – CUI


Activity - Mexico - INEGI - Monthly Gross Domestic Product Estimate


Activity - Peru - BCRP - Monthly Gross Domestic Product


Activity - Euro Area - OECD - Gross Domestic Product

Monetary - Euro Area - ECB - Interest Rates

Inflation - Euro Area - OECD - Consumer Price Index (CPI)


BOP - China - OECD - External Trade

Prices - China - OECD - Consumer Price Index

Activity - China - OECD - Gross Domestic Product – Quarterly


Fiscal - USA - BEA - Income, Expend & Result

Activity - USA - BEA Stats - National Accounts

Activity - USA - BEA - Real Gross Domestic Product

Labour & Income - USA - BLS - Monthly Change of Private and Public Employees

Inflation - USA - BEA - Implicit Price Deflators for Gross Domestic Product


Activity - Global - OECD - Composite Leading Indicators

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Miguel Saez

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